RACE is a small company that opened in 2020 by Rick and Diane Anderson. Our main goal is to offer specialized products for the performance market.

Rick has been in the performance market for over thirty years. He assisted in the development of the Programmable Management System (PMS) for the 86-04 Mustang.

He also designed and/or developed:

· The Power Pipe (a line of intake pipes for forced induction & natural aspirated Fords)

· Hi-Rev & Hi-Intensity Hydraulic Roller camshaft lines

· The Cam Chain retention tool

· Mr Freeze ( a water/methanol kit for forced induction application) And many other products.

 Rick is known for his many ( 80 plus) in-depth technical articles from intake testing to supercharger comparisons for magazine like Super Ford, 5.0 Mustang, Muscle Mustang & Fast Ford, Race Pages and Fastest Street Car.