RACE Gate-Way for 99-04 Mustang GT & Cobra


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The new Gate-Way for the 1999-2004 Mustang GT & Cobra is your connection to all the great features and tuneability of the Holley EFI ECUs without losing the major functions of the factory dash and accessories of the Mustang GT & Cobra.

( Car must be equipped with a return style fuel system. Will not work with original returnless fuel system.)

The Gate-Way plugs right into the OEM connectors that are located in your passenger kick panel that originally plugged into the factory ECU. Then the Gate-Way harness runs under the carpet and mounts the Holley EFI under your seat. No need to do any custom wiring. 

Hook up your power leads, wide band sensor and MAP sensor. Then you are ready to go. 

The Gate-Way #GWMF-9904 works with the following Holley EFI systems:

554-152 Terminator X or 554-113 Holley HP or 554-114 Holley Dominator for manual transmission cars, and automatic racing transmissions
554-153 Terminator X Max or 554-114 Holley Dominator for 4R70W transmission cars.

Dominator: Race cars that use both Hot/12V and Ground side Outputs, Low Impedance Injectors, Methanol Fueled, or those that want the MOST data. 40 Inputs and Outputs and a O2 Sensor than the Terminator Series.

You also will need the correct MAP sensor, Ignition drivers and wide band sensor to work with your Holley ecu

The Gate-Way software will allow you to adjust your speedometer for gear or tire changes 

Once you have the Gate-Way/ Holley EFI installed on your car, you can then switch to the Gate-Way/ Holley EFI from factory ECU at the track in about 15 minutes.

Then back to Factory ECU for the ride home.

All Products on this website are for off road use only and not to be used on public roads or Highways.

Please call or email us if you have any questions as we also have flex fuel, boost control and a 3 bar MAP sensor add on for this kit. We also offer a remote tune service for a base tune, initial setup, also email revisions, track tuning, and remote dyno tuning.

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