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The new Gate-Way for the V8 2015+ Charger/Challenger/Jeep is your connection to all the great features and tuneability of the Holley EFI ECUs without losing the major functions of the factory dash and accessories. If you have a highly modified Mopar looking for more control and ease of use this is for you!

( Cam must be locked to use the Dominator ECU)
The Gate-Way plugs right into the OEM connectors that are located in the cowl that is originally plugged into the factory ECU. Then the Gate-Way harness runs through the small hole you must cut in the inner fender. Hook up your power leads, and wide band sensor, then you are ready to go. No need to do any custom wiring, making the install take 2-3 hours.

The Gate-Way works with the following Holley EFI systems:
554-153 Terminator X Max
554-153 Dominator ECU (Cam must be locked)
You also will need the correct Power Harness (558-308) you will need to extend it or purchase the custom length harness, Coil Drivers (554-122), or Smart Coils (556-163 and 558-312) and wide band sensor to work with your Holley ECU.

For cars equipped with the Terminator X Max ECU, you can add an Input/Output module (554-165, 558-452 and 558-408) to add 8 more I/O's for flex fuel, boost control and more. You will also need the USB/CAN cable to connect to the ECU (558-443).

The Gate-Way software will allow you to adjust your speedometer for gear or tire changes and firmware updates. 

The Gate-Way will allow you to retain the stock automatic transmission. It will shift and work as it did with the stock OEM engine computer. You will have to flash the onboard TCU computer as normal.

Once you have the Gate-Way/ Holley EFI installed on your car, you can switch to the Gate-Way/ Holley EFI from factory ECU at the track in about 15 minutes. Then back to Factory ECU for the ride home.

*This product is for offroad use only*

-Installation Guide Instruction Challenger

-Software Download available on raceproductsusa.com

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